We stage VACANT homes!

Staged homes sell an average of 78% faster and for 7-10% more!

Private Property Staging defines space for size, purpose and potential by positioning our expertly chosen inventory throughout a home. We guide the Buyers eye to focal points and features to form an emotional attachment which results in Buyers writing an offer on the property...QUICKLY!

The warehouse at Private Property Staging is filled with furnishings, artwork, rugs and accessories used to highlight and enhance vacant homes. Our clients are Homeowners and Realtors that are looking to speed up and increase the price of the sale.


  • Attracts more showings from Buyers and Realtors as the property is far more appealing!
  • Prevents large sums of equity loss due to price reductions!
  • Creates an advantage over vacant listings that all look similar online!
  • Eliminates monthly payments (mortgage, maintenance & utility fees)!
  • Enhances appearance which results in a faster sale and higher sale price!
  • Results in Buyers staying longer to view (averages 15 minutes vs. 3-6 minutes un-staged)! 
  • Discourages low ball offers as Buyers have a difficult time justifying offering less!
There is no cost to staging a vacant home, there is only a cost to NOT stage a home. Home staging is an investment and will always be less than the cost of a price reduction. It is a marketing strategy that savvy Sellers and Listing Realtors choose to obtain the highest possible sale price for a vacant home. Is a price reduction part of your marketing strategy?

90% of Buyers have a difficult time visualizing the function of a room, the size of a room and most importantly........do not emotionally attach themselves to blank space and empty walls!

Staged homes show Buyers that Sellers are confident in their asking price. When staged, Sellers look motivated to earn the highest return and reduce or eliminate the need to lower their asking price. Staging improves the appearance of a home, increases its perceived value and limits low-ball offers. Vacant empty spaces cause Buyers to discount the condition of the home whereas staged homes look "cared for and move-in ready".

*Private Property Staging is owned and managed by a licensed REALTOR®,
however, does not intend to solicit real estate listings from homeowners who have their property listed with another REALTOR® and/or Brokerage.

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