What Clients are saying about us...

"My name is Leonoardo Di Francesco of Sutton Centre Realty.  I have been a Realtor since 1985 and have never used a staging company before, as I thought that I never had to.

I listed a vacant condo that had a very strange layout in the Olympic Village area of Vancouver.  There was 50 showings on my first weekend of open houses and it did not sell; not even an offer.  I showed the unit another 25 times with no result.

It was then that I decided to try Private Property Staging.  I was impressed by the way they had staged the property.  It completely came alive, felt larger and looked like a show home!  I sold it in my first open house after staging.

I strongly recommend Private Property Staging's services.  I gave it a try and it worked 100%.  I will use their services again!"

Leonardo Di Francesco, Sutton Centre Realty

"Before we saw the article about your business in the local paper, we had looked into staging a suite ourselves.  Finding nice furniture and accessories to rent, putting together a "look" and hoping to find an experienced photographer take a lot of time, effort, money and no guarantees it will all come together.  Even if we could have located similar quality furnishings and accessories, staged the suite ourselves and set up a photoshoot, the organizing of it all would have been a scheduling nightmare and the cost would not be worth it for us.  Your package made quality staging and photos affordable for us.

Thank you for providing your expertise and services in such a timely and professional manner.  We will definitely recommend your services to others.  It was great to meet you and your team.  We look forward to working with you again!"

Karen Eskilson - Building Manager for Montecito Towers - Project #1

"Thank you for your decorating and design skills, creativity, professionalism and the genuinely nice group of people that you have working with you.  We will be calling you when we need to stage suites again!"

Karen Eskilson - Building Manager for Montecito Towers - Project #2 & Project #3

"Outstanding! Forget the property, you made ME look good! Owners loved it and the Buyers stayed in the house for a long time, perhaps the first time they anyone stayed longer than 5 minutes!"

Don Kang, Sutton West Coast

"Private Property Staging did the inconceivable for the sale of our condo. You turned an adverse situation into an appropriate Zen space. All was perspicaciously prepared. Having the services your company provided made the quick sale happen. For your exceptional professional service we thank you."

Douglas & Helga Beguin

"Private Property Staging did a wonderful job staging a vacant listing that I had.  I was extremely pleased with the attention to detail and great eye for design.  The company was very professional and I would recommend them to anyone thinking of spicing up their next listing".

Diana Klejne - Sutton Centre Realty

"Our condo sold in one day thanks to Private Property Staging! The investment fee was well worth it as it paid for itself. Staging saved us money and time as we didn't have to sit on the market during the winter and brought us more money than we were asking. Believe the statistics as it worked for us! "

Tim & Margaret Mumford
"When it came time to put our home on the market, we needed to sell it quick and for top dollar.  Private Property Staging staged our home which ensured that every potential buyer that walked through it could readily imagine themselves as the next owner.  We sold it in well under a week.  Enough said!"
Philip & Catherine Von Stefenelli

We had to sell our mothers home during the fall season when the real estate market in Vancouver had slowed significantly.  At first perhaps like many people, we did not feel like staging was worth the expense.  We listed the property and the best offer received was $110k below the asking price.  After another 2 weeks without further interest, we decided to take a change on home staging.  We hired Private Property Staging to prepare the property before a second open house.  Simply put, PPS did a fantastic job!  While we followed the companys advice about improving the external appearance of the house, PPS went to work staging the interior. The work they did was fast, effecient, and professional; attractive and modern.  
After the open house, the house sold in 2 days and $10,000 ABOVE the asking price!  I can't say enough about Private Property Staging and strongly recommend this company for anyone wishing to sell a vacant home.  We are totally sold on staging!

M. Seear

You've done a terrific job and I can see clearly just what an important difference staging makes.  Thank you for all of your hard work and last minute arrangements to get everything in place.  I love the "look" - what amazing skills you have!

Marjorie Mapleton

Private Property Staging has successfully demonstrated time and time again, that their flair for decorating has made them a go-to company for Realtors and homeowners when selling houses and condos in Vancouver. PPS brings a colourful, yet simple elegance to all the properties they stage. Their work is a pleasure for me to photograph!
Stacey - Video Openhouse

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